About Us

Introduction to a2a Data Technology Platform



a2a Global Network Sdn Bhd is a Data Technology Consumers Platform incorporated on 16 December 2015 whereby consumers can leverage on, to earn Loyalty Points from their online and offline shopping, to build their database and generate uninterrupted passive income.

a2a simply stands for ‘anyone to anyone’, ‘anywhere to anywhere’ and ‘anything to anything’.



With a low entry of RM30.00 (effective 1 June 2018), anyone can enjoy all the benefits generated from the platform.



A global DT consumers’ platform that is borderless and full of unlimited potential.



A holistic lifestyle, from consuming basic necessities, to shopping and leisure, and basically everything under the sun.

a2a also sets out to be the world’s first Shoppers pay Shoppers DT Consumers platform – one that incorporates a hybrid platform, combining Loyalty Program, e-Commerce and Viral Marketing by embedding the power of multiplication into the system. Moreover, a2a platform is designed to be easy, simple and extremely rewarding through the usage of mobile applications and the Internet. Through this platform, members can enjoy three major benefits for a lifetime:


1. Collect Loyalty Points when you shop online, offline, or simply by referring friends to join. Each Loyalty Point is worth up to RM0.625.

2. When you and your friends within your 10-level network accumulate 10LP = RM6.25, you can enjoy a profit sharing of 4%.

3. Practice a good deed a day by supporting the needy through daily donation in a2a platform.



Adding value to everyone’s life

 Helping the underprivileged to change their life,
 Releasing the hidden resources of the society,
 Narrowing the gap between the rich & the poor, and
 Making the world a better place to live.



To be the largest global Data Technology Consumers Platform that everyone can share, grow and earn together.



Win-Win-Win Principle


 To place our members’ interest at the highest priority
 To uphold a win-win relationship with our strategic partners
 When members win, strategic partners win, company will eventually win



Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Appreciation, Excellence and Innovation





Michael Loo, Founder & Chairman


  • A visionary, passionate & responsible entrepreneur
  • Ex-Vice President of Sun Hong Kai Securities, Singapore
  • Ex-Vice President of Shearson American Express, Singapore
  • Ex-Vice Chairman of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia
  • Founder of Bio-Young (M) Sdn Bhd
  • 40 years’ experience in the Financial & Network Marketing Industry



Vivian Yue, Marketing Director


  • Ex Senior Vice President of Sunsky (HK) Ltd
  • Ex Treasurer of Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong
  • Ex Vice President of Bio-Young (M) Sdn Bhd
  • 30 years of Senior Management & Marketing experience



David Pang, CFO


  • A Certified Chartered Accountant. Specialized in IPO, Corporate restructuring, Mergers & acquisitions.
  • Executive Director & Business Entrepreneur for several companies in Malaysia & Hong Kong.
  • Business consists of Coffee, Audio & Visual, and Agricultural & Corporate consultancy.
  • Ex CFO for Japanese Group of Multinational Companies.



Loo Yee Mun, Director


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) & Bachelor of Social Science (Asian Studies – Japan).
  • Diploma in Computer Technology. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  • CEO for Red Cat Innovations Sdn. Bhd & IDS Interior Décor Bhd



Benny Jiang, Director


  • Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Certificate of Competency (Motorship) 1st class
  • Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
  • Ex Director of a marine automation company in Singapore.
  • An active investor in equities, forex and private equity