Member Rules & Regulations

This Membership Rules and Regulations is an Agreement between A2A Global Network Sdn. Bhd. (the ‘Company’) with all applicants applying for membership to join the Company’s by filling up membership registration form.


The terms and conditions for membership are as follows:


1. The Company: Means A2A Global Network Sdn Bhd

2. BV:  Means Bonus Value.  A value that is attached to a product, used to measure the qualification of a Member and for the Monthly Bonus Calculation.

3. Member:  Means an individual or entity that has been accepted for membership by the Company.

4. Bonus: Means a commission earned by a Member.

5. Sales Tax: Means governmental imposed taxes on the sale of products, include Government Sales Tax (GST), Value Added Tax (VAT) and /or any other government taxes related to the sale of products.

6. Network:  Means the Company membership network.

7. Products: Means the Company’s products.



2.1 All applicants applying for membership should be at least or over eighteen (18) years of age.

2.2 All applicants must correctly complete and submit the Membership Application Form to the Company. The Company reserves full rights and discretion to accept or reject any membership application.

2.3 Membership will be valid only upon confirmation by the Company.

2.4 Applications by a partnership, corporation or other legal entity are required to submit the following documents:

2.4.1 The name as according to the company or business report from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (or whichever body of the applicable jurisdiction) of each applicant and be signed by the relevant managing director, proprietor or partner of the business entity; and

2.4.2 A copy of the company or business registration, directors’, partners or sole proprietor’s information must be submitted to the Company together with the Membership Application Form.

2.5 All business entity Members are to delegate its responsibilities in dealing with all matters with the Company, to an appointed representative or agent. Although there is such delegation, such business entity shall be wholly responsible for all actions and in-actions of its appointed representative or agent.



3.1 Members are separate and independent entities from the Company in all transactions, including transactions conducted through use of the Website and Members do not represent A2A in any capacity whatsoever.

3.2 Members are responsible to declare their incomes earned from the Company, to the relevant income tax departments.

3.3 Members are responsible to monitor his/her personal purchase for bonus entitlement.

3.4 Bonus will be credited to qualified member’s e-Cash account monthly. Members are eligible to fill up withdrawal request form to the company on or before the 8th day of every calendar month, so as to receive the bonus payment on the 15th day of every calendar month, or if such orders are made after the 8th day and before the 22nd day of every calendar month, such orders will be received on the last day of the calendar month. Bank administration charges will be imposed on every transaction subject to current bank charges.

3.5 Members are not permitted to make any verbal or written request on the Company’s products, unless such request is pre-approved by the Company.



4.1 Members are allowed to sponsor any number of direct members.

4.2 When offering the Company’s program to prospects, Members are required to present the program in its entirety, without omission, distortion or misrepresentation of any kind whatsoever.  Any misrepresentations made by a Member in connection with the Company’s program, publications, products or any other matter or thing belonging to the Company are strictly prohibited. The Company reserves all rights and discretion to terminate any Membership if in the event any Member is found by the Company to has performed any of such acts.



5.1 A Member may write in officially to the Company to transfer his Membership to another person.  Transfer of membership is subject to approval of the Company.  The Company reserves all rights and discretion to reject the request of membership transfer.

5.2 A Member is permitted to pass their membership’s benefits to his/her beneficiaries through his/her will. Such will, shall be opined as valid and legal according to the laws of Malaysia by a qualified Malaysian solicitor prior to the Company allowing such transfer.

5.3 Transfer of Membership shall only be effective upon receiving a written approval and consent from the Company.



6.1 All Members’ information (the “Database”) are private and confidential information. All collection of Personal Data are governed by the laws of Malaysia.

6.2 Members shall not be given access to the Database unless permitted by the laws of Malaysia.

6.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Members hereby specifically give consent to the Company upon sharing personal contact information (name and contact number) of Members (“Personal Contact Information”) with other Members that are identified by the Company from time to time, strictly for a Member to contact another Member in connection with transactions involving the products and/or a2a membership matters (“Permitted Purpose”).  The consent herein given shall be effective until specifically withdrawn by the Member (being the data owner) in a written withdrawal notice received by the Company. Any Member that is given access to the Personal Contact Information is not permitted to share, transmit, or sell the Personal Contact Information to any other person or to use or deal with the Personal Contact Information in any manner for any purpose  otherwise mentioned in the Permitted Purpose.

6.4 If in the event any Member is found by the Company to have breached any privacy, have accessed or divulged personal data collected by the Company without any prior consent from the Company, the Company reserves all rights and discretion to terminate the Membership of such Member. If in the event due to such acts by the Member, the Company suffers damages or losses, the Member shall keep the Company fully indemnified of such damages or losses.

6.5 Any omission of the Company to institute any action against the Members for any unauthorized dissemination of the Company’s trade secrets or the Database shall not constitute a waiver of any rights of the Company in this regard.



7.1 Membership will be terminated if:

7.1.1 A Member misuses company’s marketing materials;

7.1.2 A Member misuses company’s any other forms of information beside marketing materials; and

7.1.3 A Member breaches the terms & conditions set forth in this Agreement.

7.2 A Member may write in officially to the Company to request termination of his/her membership.



8.1 Products or services may be purchased or orders may be placed AT THE Company premises or website.

8.2 Payment can be made through:

8.2.1 Credit Cards;

8.2.2 Debit Cards;

8.2.3 Online transfer of cash;

8.3 Products will be shipped according to the delivery address provided by the Member.  If the address is incorrect, the Company shall not be responsible for the loss of products or the delayed delivery of the same.

8.4 If the products returned are due to incorrect address provided by the Member, the Member is required to pay all costs of shipping so that the Company may re deliver to the correct address provided by the Member.

8.5 Free delivery for products to be shipped within West Malaysia with a purchase more than RM100 per order.

8.6 Shipping cost shall be imposed for deliveries to addresses not within West Malaysia.

8.7 All Sales Taxes, if any, shall be borne by the Member.

8.8 Members shall be responsible to verify the condition of the product upon receipt. Should damage be discovered, the affected Member shall contact the Company within three (3) working days of receipt of the product.    

8.9 Members shall not order any product for keeping a private inventory unless seventy percent (70%) of the previously ordered products have been sold or consumed.

8.10 The Company shall not refund any products previously certified as sold under the seventy percent (70%) rule stated in 8.9 above.

8.11 Purchase of sales materials are not refundable.

8.12 Additional information, terms and conditions in relation to the delivery of services and products are stated in the Website.



9.1 Terms in regard to the Company’s in-house brand (“a2a”):

9.1.1 The Company guarantees the quality of its in-house brand products.  Member may return products to the Company if there are any manufacturing defects with the products within 7 days after purchased.

9.1.2 The Company accepts exchange of the Company’s in-house brand products, provided the product is in saleable conditions and at least 6 months from the date of expiry.  An administration fee of 10% on the product value will be charged on product exchange.

9.1.3 The price of products to be exchanged by Members must be higher than the price of the exchange products.  

9.1.4 The Company accepts return of products, subject to the seventy percent (70%) rules stated in 8.9 above.

9.1.5 Products that were returned to the Company shall be in saleable conditions and with at least 6 months left before the date of expiry.  

9.2 The Company shall deduct whatever bonuses paid out for the products, plus a 10% administration fee.  The remaining amount will be refunded to the Member within fourteen (14) working days from the date of return of the products.

9.3 The Company shall not refund any shipping expenses to Members under any circumstances for the delivery or for the return of products, to the affected Member.



10.1 Members shall not use or misuse the Company’s name, logo or goodwill in any print or electronic media without the written consent of the Company.

10.2 Members shall not duplicate the Company’s literature, printed materials, website contents, product pictures etc.., all published at the Website, without the written consent of the Company. 

10.3 The relevant Member shall indemnify and keep the Company from the harm of any claim for damages, or liability arising out of such Member’s acts of advertising, using any promotional materials in any manner whatsoever, or providing statements about the Company or the Website that are illegal and/or are representations and information not approved by the Company.



11.1 All Members shall comply with the relevant applicable laws of Malaysia relating to the Company and in performing any activity, business or otherwise through the use of the Website.

11.2 Members shall conduct their businesses with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility.



12.1 All Members shall also be bound by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations embodied in any other additional rules or regulations pertaining to Membership, wherein such rules and regulations will be made available to the Members. The Company shall have full rights and discretion, from time to time, to alter, modify, amend or add to any applicable Membership rules and regulations, including the terms and conditions stated herein and those stated and made available at the Website.



13.1 This Agreement and all in relation thereto shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

13.2 Where there is a conflict of any foreign country’s law and that of Malaysia, the laws of Malaysia shall prevail.



14.1 You hereby agree that all Membership services, products and information provided by the Company and through Website is on a “as is and as available” basis. The Company shall not be responsible for any delays or failures in the provision of services or goods through the use or access of the Website or otherwise, which are due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as wars, strikes, riots, fire, flood, earthquake and any other natural disasters, or due to the enforcement of Malaysian laws or Malaysian Court Orders.