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About the Product:
Rothseye Rivecowe Correction Convenient Skin Care Make Up BB CC Cream 

Product Description:

- CC cream gives you the benefits of skincare and makeup at the same time.

- Busy and hectic rush hour to the office!

- When traveling with a trunk filled with cosmetics!

- When going on a camping trip for two days, one night!

- Or even when climbing a mountain with a heavy backpack and a packed lunch!

All you only need is to carry one CC cream!

Product Features:

- A cream with a very simple application for minimizing skin irritation.

- An all-in-one beauty solution that comprises essence, lotion, cream, makeup base, foundation or BB cream all in one!

- Not your ordinary makeup cream! A convenient item that combines skincare features.

- A nourishing cream is absorbed into the skin, and specialised CC capsules correct skin tone irregularities!

- A smart cream which features whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection.

- A smart item that guarantees beautiful skin with a single application rather than one that requires multiple layers of several products! 

Application Tips:

- Oily skin - Apply CC cream after correcting skin tone with a skin toner.

- Normal to dry skin - Apply CC cream after using lotion or essence.

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Size 40ml
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