Mobile Refrigerator (TB 15G) (DV Promo)

358.45 (MYR)
(Harga selepas diskaun 18.05 DV)
376.50 (MYR)
DV Diperlukan : -18.05 DV
LP yang diterima : +18.00 LP
Unit penyimpanan Stok (SKU): STS004-DV
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The practical car cooler provides active refrigeration up to 20 degree below ambient and can heat as well. Fitted on the rear seat, it makes a convenient armrest. Your travel companion. Ready to connect to 12V vehicle cigarette lighter

- Dimensions (WxHXL) = (30.0 x 35.5 x 48.0) cm.
- Color : pale/dark grey. 
- Volume: 15 litre.

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