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Hooty Sales Training Bootcamp Achieving Phenomenal Business Results   25th May 2019 (SAT) 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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In this bootcamp, you'll get:

  •          1-day offline seminar on 20th April 2019 (Location: Kuala Lumpur).  
  •          FREE 1 Year access to Hooty Annual Membership Subscription - Worth RM527.  
  •          FREE 3 Live Webinar sessions. (Date: 2|9|16 April 2019, Time: 0830pm) - Worth RM527.  
  •          FREE lifetime account access to Hooty Social Learning Platform. - Worth RM 1,988
  •          Practical and fun activities with speakers.
  •          Networking session with speakers and other participants from different fields.


Programme Outline

Hooty Sales Training Bootcamp is a 1-day programme that uses a combination of training aids and group discussion to enhance learning. The learning process is experiential and highly interactive.


1: Psychology of First Impression in Selling - by Alanox Tan

  •          Learn the "Energy Chart" by enhancing your personal charisma.
  •          The psychological skills enhancement of charisma in sales energy in building an                         ideal first impression.
  •          Improving your personal active and inactive criteria such as presentation skills,                           choice of words, tone, stability, body language, facial expression, and attire.
  •          Learn the skills to avoid the "So What" mistakes.
  •          How your natural behavior and style affect your ability to influence others.


2: How to Handle Prospects With Different Personalities And Close The Deal - by Daphne Au

  •          Influencing people to buy by using the win-win approach.
  •          Be coherent and systematic use of your behavior to influence and close the deal.
  •          Discover your ideal and most profitable prospects/customers so that you waste less time           pitching the wrong people.


3:Overcoming Sales Objection - by KC See

  •          Understand your prospect's true mind so that you can deliver a razor-sharp sales                       message and avoid turning your prospect off.
  •          Ways to bait your prospects in order to fish for your real customers that will help                         you move the sale forward and close more deals.


4: Roleplay - Master the skills through practice.


Who Should Attend:


  • Sales people
  • Sales manager/director
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners


  • Tele-marketers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance/real estate agent


  • Marketers
  • Sudents


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