Anmyna Baby Hand Cream (DV Promo)

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Anmyna Baby Skin Effect Hand Cream

Rich in antioxidant and vitamins, it is able to penetrate deep into the skin to improve dull skin tone, dryness, peeling, roughness, sagginess, etc. By refilling skin with collagen and other nutrients, wrinkles are smoothened while skin elasticity and softness are enhanced. The sweet baby scent is soothing and stress-relieving, it helps you to sleep better.

My Secret Dairy Enterprise was incorporated especially for Beauty & Healthy products. Currently, we are the authorized dealer of Anmyna Product from Taiwan.

Anmyna produces hair care, body care and skin care products. Anmyna has been around for 8 years in Taiwan and the products are manufactured and packed in Guangzhou, China.

All product ingredients are imported materials from Taiwan, USA and Korea. The body care product is divided into artificial synthesis of imitation plants or fruits and chemical synthesis of aromatic hydrocarbons and concentrated aromatic plant essential oils, synthetic imitation of plants or fruit flavoured of multi-purpose food, cosmetics and tobacco, and concentrated aromatic plant essential oil are generally used in the field of essential oil perfumes.

Product specifications
Size 90g/bottle
Weight 120g
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