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The Biocera Alkaline Pitcher offers everyone a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of alkaline, antioxidant water.

The Biocera Pitcher uses a combination of natural bioceramics to beneficially change the properties of water. You no longer need an expensive electronic water ionizer to give you health promoting alkaline antioxidant water. The filter media in the Pitcher uses different combinations of bioceramics (which are combinations of natural minerals) combined with activated carbon to increase the pH of the water – typically from 7.0 to 9.0 to 9.5. In addition the filter media

  • Reduces harmful contaminants, including chlorine, benzene and heavy metal contaminants
  • Changes the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of the water giving the water antioxidant properties. In particular the reaction of the minerals with the water releases molecular hydrogen, which is increasingly being appreciated as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Alters the molecular structure of your water; making it more absorbable, and also improving its energy.

With the alkaline filter pitcher, you can supply your body with healthy, alkaline water that has a number of beneficial properties. Alkaline water encourages the proper hydration of your cells, and the removal of acidic toxins from the blood and tissues.

Biocera were the first company to gain NSF certification for their bioceramics.and have been at the forefront of research in this area for very many years.

The Biocera Pitcher comes complete with 1 filter. We recommend changing the filter every 2 months for optimum performance. 

Drinking Alkaline antioxidant water from the Biocera Pitcher is probably the simplest thing that anyone can do to improve their wellbeing. It is convenient, effective and affordable. It is ideal for the whole family but particularly suitable for everyone contending with degenerative disease, caused by excess acidity in the blood and tissues.

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