Colon Therapy With Probiotic (DV Promo)

112.60 (MYR)
(Price after discount 5.40 DV)
118.00 (MYR)
DV Required : -5.40 DV
LP Gained : +5.40 LP
Product Details

2 hour (Approx.) of colon hydrotherapy with probiotics for RM 118.00 instead of RM 480.00


Health Package

2 hour (Approx.) of colon hydrotherapy with probiotics for RM 118.00 instead of RM 480.00


Package Includes

Colon Hydrotherapy with Probiotics (Approx.2 hour)

a. Consultation

b. Colon hydrotherapy

c. Implant probiotics: 
- Probiotics help to increase beneficial microorganism levels 
- Assists in treating related digestive issues

d. A glass of barley grass juice and probiotics

*Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with diverticulitis or colitis, severe hemorrhoids, liver or kidney failure, and anal or colon cancer, or have recently undergone colon or abdominal surgery.

Preparation before treatment

a. Avoid acid-forming foods: Red meat, tea, coffee, alcohol, processed food, and all dairy products including butter, cream cheese, milk, white bread, wheat flakes, pastries, biscuits, and cake.

b. Eat alkalizing foods: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beet greens, carrots, celery, cucumber, lettuce, green peas, peppers, sea vegetables, sprouts, alfalfa, wheat grass, juice, avocado, tomatoes, lime, and asparagus

c. Drink plenty of fluids: Purified water with lemon, vegetable juices such as celery and cucumber.


Natures Holistic Colon & Healthcare

Established since year 2000 by a certified colon therapist and nutritionist in partnership with a group of certified doctors, Nature’s Holistic Colon & Healthcare works as a one-stop centre for colon hydrotherapy and detoxification. Through treatments, therapists with over 15 years of experience utilise FDA-approved equipment to treat colon hydrotherapy, liver conditions, and other intestinal disorders. Digestive systems emerge flushed and revitalised while patrons eager to turn a new leaf may opt for digestive supplements and nutritional advice.

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