DC Compressor Freezer (DV Promo)

2.065,85 (MYR)
(Harga selepas diskon 104,05 DV)
2.169,90 (MYR)
DV diperlukan : -104,05 DV
LP yang didapatkan : +104,10 LP
Konfirmasi pesanan

Light weight, 9 kg only and includes shoulder belt for easy carry. Specially designed for car use, easy and secure fixing with car seat belt or own shoulder strap, soft start which reduces excess current during initial power-up, 2 drink holder.Digital temperature display and setting, from =10 degree Celsius to - 18 degree celsius. Talent technology : soft start engineering and Active Battery Security (ABS).

- Dimensions (WxHXL) = (23.5 x 35.8 x 54.0) cm.

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