Empowering Dreams To Reality (Mp3) (DV Promo)

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Do you have a dream that you do not know how to manifest into reality? Or perhaps you never have had a dream come true?

Either way we are here to help you to build your motivation to make the pursuit of your dreams become easier and effortless!

Realizing your dreams takes motivation, determination, persistence and effort. These affirmations in this recording will reinforce your confidence and improve your ability to make decisions and to strengthen your resolve.

Repeating these affirmations will also help keep your mental energies focused and motivation high!

Check out our MP3 and may your dreams come true!



Track 1 : To stay focused and motivated (10:16 mins)

Track 2 : Effective organization and time management (7:24 mins)

Track 3 : Resourceful thinking (6:24 mins)

Track 4 : To cultivate decisiveness (6:25 mins)

Track 5 : To take action (7:20 mins)

Track 6 : Taking personal responsibility (10:33 mins)

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