Missoxy Night Use 8 Pcs

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Missosy Night Used Napkin

8 sheet per pack

Size: 275mm


When it comes to meeting the needs and wishes for women peace of mind, quality and hygiene, MISSOXY comes up with a product that not only meets their sanitary needs, but goes beyond with additional benefits including the additional Anion enhancement and special feature and advance capability to emit oxygen all through the area.

MISSOXY with Oxygen Ion technology strongly increases the air permeability in the sanitary napkin. Good air circulation between the private part and outside area increases oxygen circulation frequency and this will prevent the growth of bacteria.

Product Features: 7-layer Protect & Care

1st layer - 3D Mesh Space Cotton Surface - Ultimate Skin Friendly.

2nd layer - Unique Patented Oxygen Ion Chip. Effectively improve menstrual environment.

3rd layer - Strict disinfection airlaid paper wrap absorbent polymer to prevent leakage.

4th layer - Imported super absorbent polymer for strong absorption.

5th layer - Stick disinfection airlaid paper wrapping absorbent polymer to prevent leakage.

6th layer - Breathable film for bottom layer. Funnel process that provides super breathing layer.

7th layer - Food-grade adhesive, intermittent form design, comfortable and breathable materials for healthier skin.

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