MM Package - MZ01: OKAMIZU H20 Package

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1. Product List:

    a. Okamizu Food Detoxifier V2 (1 unit)

    b. Okamizu OKAPRIMUS V2 (1 unit)

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Food Detoxifier is tested and analyzed by reputable universities and laboratories, in which it was found to be 99.99% effective and benefit in:
• Decomposes agricultural chemicals
• Eliminates bacteria
• Removes poultry antibiotic & hormone
• Preserves the freshness in poultry & vegetable
Voltage : Ac 240, 50hz
Power : 35w
Ozone Output : Up To 250mg/Hr


OkaPrimus V1 Uniqueness
1. 5 stage water purification system
2. Sleek and beautifully design (glass panel)
3. 100% filtration up to 0.01 micron (normal water filter 0.1-0.3 micron) x10 times more efficient
4. With BACK WASH technology function
5. 100% Chlorine filtration (with SGS lab test)
6. Affordable replacement filter
7. No cleaning required (can back wash)
8. Does not need electrical plug
9. 1st with hydrogen and alkaline filters

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