MM Package - MZ02: OKAMIZU Air Package

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1. Product List:

    a. OKAAIR Detoxifier 8 in 1 V2 (1 unit)

    b. OKAMIZU Car Detoxifier (2 units)

    c. AERES Ecoair Sterilizer (1 unit)

2. Get Personal Rebate of RM100 for this package


New OkaAir Detoxifier comes with Ozone Timer (Activated Oxygen Timer) – 15 min, 30 min, 60 min and 2 hours.
1. Quiet performance (2X quieter than the previous version)
2. Lighter Unit (6.2kg for version 2 vs 9.5kg for version 1)
3. Smaller in terms of depth by 3.5cm
4. New version of remote control
5. Area of coverage upto 3,500 sq ft2
6. Pre-Filter (filter dust and larger particles)
7. High-Efficiency HEPA Filter (filter bacteria and virus at 0.3micron)
8. Activated Carbon Filter (filter odors)
9. Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter (removal of chemcals, VOCs, bacteria and airborne contaminants actively in the air) – NASA technology
10. Germicidal UVC lamp (kills and prevent bacteria breading in the filters)
11. UV Ionizer (negative & positive ions) – (bind and clear dust in the air)
12. High Plasma Ionizer (bind and clear dust in the air)
13. Ozone (remove smell, odor, cigarettes smell, bacteria and virus) – active cleaning



OKAMIZU Car Detoxifier
1. Inactivates and kills harmful harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the car

2. Detoxifies and decomposes volatile organic chemical in the car
3. Deodorizes unpleasant odour (e.g: tobacco, ammonia small and etc.)
4. Purifies and refresh the air in the car
5. User friendly operations
6. Stylish design with bulb protestor
7. No maintenance
8. Low power consumption
9. Manufactured and supported by public listed, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified corporation
10. 3 months manufacturer warranty with after sales service support
11. Test and analysis carried out by accredited & reputable laboratory, University & Manufacturer (Ozone Concentration test, Odour removal test



AERES Ecoair Sterilizer
1. Removes smoke, odors, pollen, dust, allergen, etc

2. Kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, mites
3. Increases negative ions in the air
4. Provide fresh oxygen
5. Increases work productivity and concentration
6. Power consumption <10W
7. Activated oxygen output 200mg/h
8. 30 mins timer interval or continuous run
9. With warm LED night light & activated oxygen timer
10. Anions output 6m/cm3
11. Effective area upto 140m2

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