MM Package - MZ03: OKAMIZU Healthy Cook Package

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1. Product List:

     a. OKAMIZU Food Detoxifier V2 (1 unit)

     b. AERES Premium Double Cooker (1 unit)

2. Get Personal Rebate of RM140 for this package


Food Detoxifier is tested and analyzed by reputable universities and laboratories, in which it was found to be 99.99% effective and benefit in:
• Decomposes agricultural chemicals
• Eliminates bacteria
• Removes poultry antibiotic & hormone
• Preserves the freshness in poultry & vegetable

Voltage : Ac 240, 50hz
Power : 35w
Ozone Output : Up To 250mg/Hr


Aeres EZCOOK Premium Double Cooker
1. Come with 1 infrared and 1 induction cooker
2. 2200w each cooker for high power heating
3. Come with P-intelligence power sharing technology for energy saving sand safe - max 3000w
4. i-stop mode that will switch off teh cooker if not use for 2 hours
5. Child lock
6. Micro crystalline glass for more durable use and able to withstand heavy pot and pans
7. Can be used either built in or table top
8. Finest finishing with steel base
9. Free gift worth RM288
10. Manufactured by Aeres Manufacturing Inc USA. Export quality.

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