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Mondo Mineral SM/CF 10W-30 - 4Liter (DV Promo)

70,10 (MYR)
(Harga selepas diskon 3,50 DV)
73,60 (MYR)
DV diperlukan : -3,50 DV
LP yang didapatkan : +3,50 LP
Konfirmasi pesanan

Mondo 10W30 is a high quality mineral engine oil designed to provide optimum performance specially for gasoline engines under all operating conditions.

Mondo 10W30 offers excellent wear protection to all engine parts. These parts will also be protected against rust and corrosion. Special deterging additives keep rust particles and soot in dispersion.

Due to the use of sheer stable viscosity index improvers, the viscosity will remain in good condition. Even during long drain interval terms, Mondo 10W30 will continue to provide a strong lubricant film between the moving parts of the engine.

- Maintain engine cleanliness with detergent & dispersant additive.

- Excellent sludge control performance.
- Maintain appropriate viscosity level at high temperatures.
- Designed for severe and high temperature environment.
- Smoother power transmission.

- Exceptionally strong cold temperature start-up.

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