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Awaken & Lead with Your Creative & Intuitive Intelligence

Duration: 2-Day Workshop 
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Creativity is defined as the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that are useful in problem-solving, communication and entertainment. And in uncertain times, success is often a matter of innovate or be made redundant. But where do the best ideas come from, and how can you be sure to reap their rewards?

The Silva Intuition System prepares you to foster a creative and intuitive mindset, to ignite and channel the creativity that is inherent in you, and to exploit uncertainties and chaos to unleash powerful ideas that drive results.
This program equips you with mind-processes and mind-tools for developing your mind consciousness – the awareness of how your mind works and how can you think and learn best – to harness the creative & intelligence within you. 
Come, discover, acquire and affirm the knowledge and wisdom.


a. To prepare each participant with the Mental Flexibility & Mental Readiness for Creative and Intuitive development

b. To stay above the flux without losing mental equilibrium

c. To learn how to make better decisions more quickly with your intuition.

MODULE 1 : A new way of thinking

1.1 The key to creativity & its development

1.2 Whole Brain Thinking - The Left & Right Brain

MODULE 2 : Discover the Joy of Creative Thinking

2.1 Defining Intuition, Creativity & Innovation

2.2 Triune Brain Theory & Intuition
i. The relationship between intuition and creativity
ii. The language intuition speaks

2.3 Harness the Power of Creative Intelligence

MODULE 3 : Creative Problem Solving

3.1 The Creative Problem Solving Cycle
i. To maintain high level creative alertness & innovative problem solving abilities
ii. The role of Imagery in Creativity & Problem Solving

MODULE 4 : Sensory Enhancing Technique

4.1 Imagery and the ability to use the individual’s inner senses. 
i. To enable you to bring the sensory aliveness of peak experiences for further 
opportunities for success
ii. Awakening & Refinement of the Senses to expand intuition & creativity

4.2 Connecting with different levels of consciousness :
i. Inanimate matter
ii. Animate matter

MODULE 5 : The power of positive synergistic energies at home and work place

5.1 Synergy defined
i. Where synergy begins
ii. The case in point

5.2 Harnessing the power of synergy and synergistic thinking

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