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To maximize work effectiveness & increased competitive advantage

Duration: 2-Day Workshop 
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Our mind is an instrument of power. The source of this power is our ability to learn, adapt and grow. But how do we raise our thinking and mental resources to go beyond and to rise above all challenges?

You can re-organize your mind to effect a positive and dynamic change. The better you understand your own mind, the more control you can have over it; the more you can use this capability to serve your purpose to stay relevant and productive, to meet challenges with clarity, and to access into your creative source for overcoming obstacles to maximize your work effectiveness and competitive advantage.

More importantly, to safeguard your emotional, physical, and psychological health… your greatest treasure.


a. To improve the specific effectiveness of the participants by equipping them with the right mind- tools, mindset framework in tasks accomplishment.

b. To promote self-efficacy and self-confidence to develop positive attitudes towards work efficiency and effectiveness. To increase participant’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage situations, difficult as it may get.

c. To strengthen and raise job performance and personal effectiveness for increased productivity.

MODULE 1: Your Awesome Brain & Mind

1.1 The fundamentals laws of the Brain & Mind

1.2 The mind’s role in stress management 
a. Free up your mental energy to handle challenges easily 
b. Sleep & Rest - The impact of sleep on alertness & performance
c. Quick Release Stress Control

1.3 The Power of Alpha Functioning – a state of mental calm and relaxation

MODULE 2: Defining Mindset or Paradigm

2.1 Understand the Language of the Brain

2.2 To harness the power of human mind
a. Challenge & influence your mental frames
b. Identify & overcome persistent barriers to work performance 
c. Adapt & thrive on change – be able to work smarter & better
d. Adopt a peak performer’s mindset

MODULE 3: Effectiveness Empowerment

3.1 Define habit & its role in performance

3.2 How to:
a. Empower habits of excellence & effectiveness for peak performance
b. Enhance personal power
i. Eliminate all self-defeating thoughts and behaviors 
ii. Gain necessary security to embrace changes more easily
iii. Integrate habits of excellence & effectiveness

3.3 Gain clearer vision of what you need most
a. Learn to be more focused
b. Harness the power of visualization and imagination

MODULE 4: Goal Setting

Power of visualization for problem solving and goal achievement
Techniques: Mental Screen & Mirror of the Mind

4.1 Appreciate the value of goal setting
a. The Mind’s role in goal setting
b. Harness the power of mental imagery in goal setting

4.2 Goal setting in action
a. Prepare your mental framework to recognize & seize performance opportunities

MODULE 5: Unlocking the Creative Process - For Creativity & Problem Solving


5.1 Triggering mechanisms for problem solving and idea generation
a. Dream control
b. Glass of water
c. 3 fingers technique
d. Mirror of the mind

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