Video Security Alarm Panel (DV Promo)

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EC0-SOS247VA-00C(Gx)is a series of professional-grade video control panel with multi-functions of alarm input/output, scheduled arming/disarming, video signal processing and soon.

It is mainly applied to the security systems of finance, judicature, education, intelligent building, transportation and electricity, etc. It can be used cooperatively with the video surveillance and access control partition through client software and mobile client.

- Support 8/16 zones alarm input
- Support 4-ch network camera video input
- Support 1-ch VGA output, 1-ch HDMI output
- MSM alarm-report push and Arming /Disarming via SMS command EC0-SOS247VA-00C(Gx) supports message alarm data-push function
- Support 4-ch of local alarm output
- c/w 10 units alarm sensor as magnatic contact & vibration sensor
- c/w siren & siren box

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